After-The-Bell Code of Conduct
Safety • Respect • Self-Discipline

Upon registering for After-The-Bell, all students and parents agree to this Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct spells out how all students must behave in order to attend After-The-Bell activities. These rules apply for all hours. They apply to all locations, at the Middle School, at off-site activities, and on any bus. 


All students must behave safely and with respect for themselves and for all volunteers, staff, and other students.


At the beginning of each program, the staff will meet with the students to set the expectations for proper behavior—to listen to and follow instructions from the facilitators and staff, to speak only in a respectful manner, and to follow all school rules.


The cornerstones of our code of conduct are safety, respect, and self-discipline. We promote safety, show respect, and learn self-discipline through:  1) our language and  2) our actions to others.


By signing the Registration Form, both student and parent are stating the following:


I understand that After-The-Bell is a completely voluntary and free after-school program that is provided by volunteers and community donations. My child is expected to behave in a safe and respectful manner when attending After-The-Bell. 


Let’s have a wonderful time at After-The-Bell!